The Festival allows a limited amount of Non-profit vendors at the event. Applications need to be submitted by no later than July 1 to be considered to participate.

Rules for Non-profit vendors:

  • To be in full operation during all published hours of the festival (Friday 4:00pm-10pm AND Saturday 12:00pm-9pm)
  • To provide 10% of all gross receipts on all items sold back to the festival committee
  • To sell only items with the use of “Bone Bucks” and sell no items for cash.
  • To sell only items as approved by the committee via the application. (Non-authorized vending items include, but are not limited to; Baked Potatoes, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Pizza, Sloppy Joes, Tacos or any other related BBQ main course items.)
  • Vendor is responsible to provide all necessary equipment for your vending operation including tents, coolers, tables, ovens, etc…
  • Vendor is responsible to contact the Wyoming Health Department and have a permit on hand during all operating hours.
  • Vendor is responsible to clean up the area occupied after the event and leave it as it was originally found
  • Being a ‘no-show’ to the event or not following vendor rules may eliminate our organization from future opportunities.

For a downloadable printable application form Click Here.


For more information or questions on the Non-profit vendor application contact Jaime Craft at (307) 388-0118.

Deadline for the Non-profit vendor application is July 1.