The Competitors will compete in four categories: Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pork Ribs & Pulled Pork. Entry fee (before August 1) is $200 to compete in all four categories.

Additional Information:

  • Load-in time starts Thursday at noon. It is recommended that you attend the cooks meeting on Friday night. The competitors will be notified of the cooks meeting time.
  • A $10 refundable deposit will be charged on all electrical adapters loaned to cooks. No extension cords provided
  • Competitors may also choose to be a Vendor at the event. For-profit vendors are limited to 6 and are awarded on a first-come first-served basis. Because a BBQ vendor is a for profit vendor, they are required to have a temporary sales tax license and submit the appropriate taxes to the state of Wyoming. A license can be obtained from the WY Department of Revenue website.
  • NO Generators Allowed
  • T-shirts: One cook’s t-shirt (with all team names) will be provided FREE to each team. Additional t-shirts can be ordered and will cost $15 each.
  • The application fee is non-refundable. Cancellation after August 1st, or being a no-show at the event will result in 100% forfeiture of fee. If cancellation is received before August 1st, a $50 credit can be applied to the next year’s fee only.
  • Competitors must compete in all four meat categories; Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pork Ribs, and Pulled Pork.
  • Two 20lb bags of ice will be provided free of charge to all competitors
  • Your team will receive a 30′ x 15′ space and must be self-contained within that space
  • KCBS Rules

This category began in 2015, it is an additional optional category available for competitors to participate in.  Entry fee is $25.00. Purse this year will be $700.00. Pay-out will be to the five top competitors only.  For more information call Dave Paxton at (307) 431-2755.

This is an additional optional category. The Sauce Category Entry fee is $25 You must be entered into the cooking competition in order to compete in the sauce category. The sauce must be your own recipe (not store bought) and prepared on site.

It is optional for Competitors to compete in the ‘People’s Choice Award’. There is no additional charge to participate in the ‘People’s Choice Award’, This event will be held on Saturday afternoon.  The Public may purchase tickets at the information booth to sample the meats. The Competitors will provide each public participant that has purchased a ticket a generous sampling of the BBQ meats they have cooked for the competition. The public will then vote for their favorite.

BBQ Competitors can choose to also be a vendor and sell at the festival. We limit our for profit vendors to 6, based on when the application was received. In order to vend- a vendor license is required, these can be purchased from the state of Wyoming on site. All for profit vendors must compete in the BBQ Competition in order to vend. Anyone wishing to be a BBQ vendor at the festival must have their menu approved by the BBQ committee. Please contact Dave Paxton 307-431-2755 for more information. You may also vend the same meats you use to compete in our main KCBS event (chicken, pulled pork,  pork ribs, or brisket). Our event must comply with all regulations administered by the Dept. of Health and Consumer Services.  To secure your spot, fill out and send in your application.

Important vendor information:

  • Vendors must be open during entertainment hours
  • No cash sales, items may only be sold for “bone bucks”
  • 10% of gross receipts on all items sold will be retained by the event organizers
  • Only main menu items may be sold, NO beverages (hot or cold) or desserts.
  • Menu must be approved by the BBQ committee prior to the event.
  • NO Generators allowed

For a downloadable Printable Registration form Click here. 


Kids can also show off their BBQ talents at the Kids Q on Saturday morning.  Please visit our Kids-Q Page for more information or to enter.

We do allow a minimal amount of Non-Profit vendors to participate in the event. For more information on being a non-profit vendor, Click here.